Hi everyone!
Hi, My nickname is AJK maths. My real name is Hakimi.

You should be dont know, why my nickname is AJK maths. Ok, I will explain it... AJK means committee member. Maths means mathematic, I'm always get high score in mathematic like 70% and 85%... So, AJK maths is committee member of Mathematic subject in my class room.

I'm from Selangor, Malaysia and I'm a good guy...nice to meet you all.15

I'm a mad gamer148 I'm always plays Half Life 8 - 17hours long...Haha, I know that sounds like crazy but it was true.

First time I have played in this server is at last week. But, I was got banned from KuroiKazuro (he thought that I'm use aimbot) after a day I'm continued playing at this server.11249

Hahaha, I was afraid with him although he's a good guy.

Nevermind, because I'm not use aimbot. I was played Half Life since last year...and I was played at the famous server called OldGamer server. I was got 2nd ranking at that server. unfortunately , that server was shutting down.51

Anyway, I like this server because it have low ping to me...
you dont have to put that i banned you from the server to say hi though ._.
i think in every post you said that =.=
Hahaha, I'm sorry. I will never say that again.22
Yo dude! Nice to meet you here! ^^ I noticed you always play the zombie server. Haha, welcome to the forums!
Hardcore Anime Fan.

Loves Lilly Satou~
Hahahahaha! I noticed you too, you always play at zombie server...nice!

But I not noticed that you are a member at this forum...let's make a friend between us15
Hello there! I am newbie here .

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