Server Information
Gameplay Stuff

1. Game Entities (weapons, items, etc)
  • Crowbar attack much faster and has secondary attack - throw crowbar (unlimited throws)
  • 9mmAR / Mp5 - faster grenade attack
  • Shotgun and Crossbow now shoot and reload faster
  • Egon / Gluon Gun - has secondary attack - jetpack (sort of)
  • Hornetgun has secondary attack - emits freeze ray that can freeze players (uses 8 hornets/ammos)
  • Grenade has secondary attack - kamikaze grenade (deals 160 damage in 240 unit radius)
  • Satchel charges are now treated as 'Not Solid' (it won't block stuff anymore)
  • Tripmine has secondary attack - spawns lasermine (uses 2 tripmines instead of 1)
  • Snark has secondary attack - teleports player to a random spawn point (20 seconds cooldown)
  • Added visual effects for grenades, crossbow bolts, satchel charges and snarks
2. Misc
  • Killing players will reward you with some healthpoints (amount depends on damage dealt)
  • Players can have up to 150 HP (250 for VIPs)
  • Killing people with 'Air Strike' and cannons are counted as normal kills
  • Various kill statistics are now recorded
  • Lamp-killing is disabled, so don't bother trying
  • You will not get damaged by your own gauss gun (a.k.a tau cannon)
  • You will have 1 second of immunity on respawn
  • Players that have longjump will carry it on their back.
  • Upon death, players that have longjump will automatically drop it.
  • Added visual effect on player deaths.
Player Commands

* Note: These commands must be typed into the console
* Note: Press the the key below ESC key to open the console
  • say rtv - if 30% of total human players use it, map vote will be triggered
  • say /wa - if 30% of total human players use it, the weapon arena vote will be triggered
  • say /rs - resets your kill and death count
  • say /color - shows info on how to use color chat/names on your half life
  • say /sound - toggle kill streak sounds and announcements
  • say /rank - shows your rank
  • say /top or /top15 - shows 15 top players (kills - death)
  • say /stats - shows 15 top players for kill streak stats
  • say /stats2 - shows 15 top players for weapon kills and hp gained
  • say /statsme - shows your rank, stats and stats2
  • say /vip - shows info on how to become a VIP member
  • say /vips - shows VIP members currently in the server
  • say /server - opens a server redirection menu
  • say /follow - join the server the last player was redirected to
  • say /help and say /help2 - shows this two-part help motd
  • spectate - toggle spectator mode
  • amx_help - list any extra commands that you can use
How to be a VIP / Donator

Price: RM 10 or USD 4.00 for 30 days of VIP access
Contact: kNowo Payment method: bank in (Maybank) or paypal
    How to transfer money to bank
  • If you have maybank account : use maybank2u
  • If you have other bank that has e-banking : transfer online using InterBank Fund Transfer
  • Go to Maybank branch nearest to you and fill in the deposit money form

    How to pay using PayPal
    Click here
  • Your rtv, map and weapon arena votes count as 3 votes
  • Can use hud chat
  • Slot reservation
  • No fall damage
  • No self kamikaze damage
  • Gets longjump on each spawn
  • 250 max hp, instead of 150
  • Gets extra 2 seconds of spawn protection
i am playing on your server last 3 months but i dont konw how to use red laser tripmine please help me...........

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